PhonesAddress Centre for Thyroid Diseases & Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid diseases are a very common problem in our population. They include Hyperthyroidism (Increased Functioning), Hypothyroidism (decreased Functioning), enlargement of the gland (Goiter) both diffuse, solitary and multiple nodular verities, inflammatory diseases of the thyroid gland (Thyroiditis), rare congenital defects in structure and function (Congenital disorders), meternal and pregnancy related thyroid problems and finally Thyroid Cancer.

Many among these are simple to diagnose and treat, others are not. The current literature and approach often complicates rather than simplifies these issues, my intention through this website is to use personal experience, the teachings of others and the distillation of literature and newer approaches as the basis for a simplified textual representation which will allow the reading physician, patient and reader to deal with their problems in a simplified manner.

At no point of time this is aimed at to advise or encourage the patient to initiate self medication without proper consultation.
- Dr.Ajith Joy